Our Practices

Area of Practices

Private equity structures

We accompany investors in the major types of private equity vehicles, i.e. the nonregulated investment vehicles (SOPARFIs, Special Limited Partnerships, …), the lightly regulated SIFs (specialised investment fund), SICARs (société d’investissement en capital à risque) and RAIFs (reserved alternative investment funds).

General business law

We have a solid experience in general business law issues. Our technical expertise and pragmatic approach allow us to quickly understand the challenges faced by our clients and assist them in both complex business law issues and general commercial law areas, as well as in their business related litigations. 

Arbitration: The partners of the firm may intervene as appointed arbitrators or as advisor in a client arbitration proceedings.

Bankruptcy and insolvency law

Members of our firm are frequently appointed as liquidator and have therefore a strong experience in insolvency and bankruptcy of investments and corporate structures.

Corporate law and M&A

Corporate and M&A are core practices of our firm. Our team has a strong and well established expertise and offer legal services across the full spectrum of corporate work.

International and domestic tax law

We advise a large variety of international and local clients, on their complex tax issues (international taxation, direct and indirect taxation), always focused on the evolving needs of our clients by providing them innovative solutions and tailor-made services. We also accompany our clients in their direct and indirect tax litigations.

Investment funds

Our team has an extensive experience in most domains of investment funds, with a particular focus on alternative investment vehicles, which allow us to assist our clients through every steps of investment funds’ life, which includes, inter alia, selection of the appropriate fund structure, setting-up and drafting of documentation, regulatory approval, structuring investments, exits, liquidation, funds relocation to Luxembourg…


As a mediator approved by the Luxembourg Ministry of Justice, we can assist you in the resolution of your conflicts in civil and commercial matters by using mediation. Mediation is an alternative and amicable way of resolving conflicts, which allows – with the intervention of a neutral, impartial and independent mediator – the parties in a conflict situation to find a lasting agreement to their disagreement.


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