Minimising Corporate Liability

Advice from Outside Counsel

In this publication, Benoît Duvieusart and IR Global members offered their unique jurisdictional perspective on Director Duties and Liabilities & Reporting to the Board.

“High profile scandals involving Fortune 500 companies have increased in number and notoriety over the past few years with Wells Fargo and Volkswagen, particularly well-known examples. The opportunities for violation of Corporate Governance and compliance or ethical standards are further amplified by greater complexity in areas such as cybersecurity, data protection and applied technology.

Now, more than ever, it would seem critical to fortify legal counsel to the board. Having more legal minds in direct contact with the CEO and board, ensures that sophisticated arguments don’t get distorted before they reach decision makers.

The following IR Global report includes contributions from 23 outside counsel across multiple jurisdictions. It touches on the key areas of director liability and governance mechanisms between board and c-suite executives; as well as current trends within regulatory agencies and courts of which in-house counsel should be aware.”

To download this full report, please click here.