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Investing Through Luxembourg

Benoit Duvieusart and Stéphane Ebel of duvieusart ebel avocats associes collaborated with IR Global members Nicolas Poncelet and Christophe Gammal of Halsey Group Sarl to produce the brochure - Investing Through Luxembourg. The brochure is designed to give an overview of Luxembourg and outlines a wide variety of investment vehicles which are subject to different [...]

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Shifting Paradigms

New Approaches to Global Tax "Transparency has become a buzzword among tax professionals since the ‘Panama Papers’ leak rocked the world in 2016. Ongoing initiatives concerning transfer pricing, offshore entities and common reporting standards, among others, all now seek to increase the transparency around where profit is earned and wealth accumulated. Stéphane Ebel contributed to this [...]

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Minimising Corporate Liability

Advice from Outside Counsel In this publication, Benoît Duvieusart and IR Global members offered their unique jurisdictional perspective on Director Duties and Liabilities & Reporting to the Board. "High profile scandals involving Fortune 500 companies have increased in number and notoriety over the past few years with Wells Fargo and Volkswagen, particularly well-known examples. The [...]

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A Blockchain Revolution

The rise of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies Blockchain was the technology story of 2017, as the paradigm shift that has been gathering among developers for several years finally hit the mainstream. While Bitcoin grabs the headlines, there is a much bigger and deeper movement taking shape which will reach into every aspect of the global economy, [...]

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